Raeli Hotels Group

In business for more than 50 years, Raeli Hotels has developed out of the experience and passion of its founders: Sebastiano Raeli and Rita Teodora De Lucia Raeli.

Raeli Hotels has a strong bond with the academic world and Tor Vergata University. At the start of the new millennium, after a life dedicated to managing hotel businesses, Sebastiano Raeli decided to reward youngsters that have shone in their particular areas of study. This major project culminated in 2013 with the creation of the “Fondazione Sebastiano e Rita Raeli per Tor Vergata”, an organisation whose aim is to support meritorious students in their university career.

Raeli Hotels frequently host cultural and scientific events organised by Roman and Italian universities.
The large lounge and communal areas, professional staff and welcoming rooms amount to a quality service that is also made available to the academic world.

The welcoming, family environment, as well as its central location close to Rome’s biggest attractions, are the strengths of all of the chain’s hotels. Its qualified and competent staff are the group’s value added.